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I was born in Fuzhou, China, although my hometown is Chuanzhou (Southern Fujian).  The family followed the government migrating to Taiwan when I was only a few months old.  I grew up in Peitou/Taipei, Taiwan living with my parents and four siblings, until I graduated from college and completed my military service (see pictures: Mom and Dad, at about 3 years old on the left, at about 10 years old, with my family, and the studio picture of my college graduation at age 22).  (Note: all pictures shown here were cherry-picked.)


3 Years Old

Portrate during Grade School

with Brothers in 1960 7

with Family during 1960

equei college002








I married my college classmate Sha-Li (see my dating and wedding pictures).  I contracted a bad red eyes germ on my wedding day and had to wear sun glasses.  We then started our new endeavor in the US by attending graduate school at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa.



Sha-Li received her Mater’s degree while I completed my Master’s and PhD degrees, all in Statistics.  Our first daughter, Juintow was born in Iowa City while I just completed my Master’s degree.  I did not attend my master’s degree ceremony because I could not afford to buy nor rent the graduation robe and hat.  I attended my PhD ceremony and spent money on renting the robe and hat, but could not afford to buy a studio picture  (see the PhD graduation picture at approximately age 30).

equei phd grad008


We then moved to the Chicago area where I worked for Baxter International until 2012 while Sha-Li worked for Allstate Insurance until 2005.  I am also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois in Chicago, a position that I have held from 1995 until now.  At Baxter, I had a great pleasure to work with a group of family oriented colleagues, and many of us had worked together for over 30 years.

Our son, Buortau, and our second daughter, Shintau, were both born in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago (see My Family page about my children and grandchildren). While in Chicago, I founded ‘The Art Club of Chinese American in Greater Chicago’ in 1992, where we enjoyed many wonderful friendships and produced many performing arts programs (see My Performance page in Chinese and pictures).  See pictures below at ages 40 and 50.

eQ About 40EQpictureHead2      

Later in my career, I was elected to become a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.  The main reason that I received such an honor can be seen in a featured article published in Baxter Intranet: BaxFacts (Baxter International Newsletter) Article ppt.  I published a book: productFlyer_978-1-4614-0561-0[1] as a main author in 2011.  The only book review so far is very positive: Agreement Book Review by ISI.  I’m working on another book with a similar topic as a coauthor. 

We are now retired in Southern California, living in a house designed by Juintow and her husband, Michael (see here).  We are happy that our three grandchildren are nearby.  We try to keep our self semi-busy by doing statistical consulting (see our web site here).  See the picture below at age 64.

eQ Nov 2012

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